2015-08-17 04:12:14 by Sev4

CATCHIN' CATS is finally released!
You can download it on Google Play:

Making our own game was an incredible adventure, we learned and struggled so much! Now we're ready to start another one, but we will keep on improving Catchin' Cats. :)


2014-10-09 06:44:07 by Sev4

Finally pusblished my home-made website!


2009-07-19 05:41:32 by Sev4



I'm a 2D Artist in Paris, addicted to video games since childhood.

I've been working in the video game industry since 2007,

first as a tester for Nintendo in Frankfurt am Main (Germany),

and since 2009 I've been in Paris, as a 2D and UI Artist for Wizarbox, Magic Pockets, Ubisoft, Bulkypix and Nintendo.

Now I'm working with Tuesday Quest and then... anything might happen ^.^

Feel free to contact me if you find my artworks interesting!